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Sen. Omer Rains Shocking Comeback

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Former California State Senator Omer Rainshas earned a place in California history as one of the state’s most dedicated and accomplished individuals — and he went through sheer hell to get there.

The story of Omer Rains encompasses life, death, regeneration, redemption and renaissance in the most dramatic ways imaginable.

For years, Rains’ professional resume was the envy of many across the state of California:

  • Political Science degree, Law degree, University of California, Berkeley
  • Attorney for Civil Rights Movement and the Environmental Movement
  • Chairman, Ventura Planning Commission
  • Chairman, Comprehensive Plan Advisory Commission of California
  • Lawyer for corporate CEOs, Hollywood superstars and music industry legends
  • Popular California State Senator representing 1-million constituents for three terms
  • Chairman of 10 Senate committees
  • Women’s Equality and Environmental legislative champion
  • Colleague of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin and Nelson Mandela
  • Athlete, daredevil, explorer, amateur scientist/archeologist and international summit peak climber

Omer Rains was respected, accomplished and at the top of his game at age 61 when a stroke, a brain aneurysm, a coma and paralysis struck him down.

“You’ll never walk again,” doctors told him.  Life came to a cruel halt at the crossroads.

A lifelong fighter on behalf of everything and everyone else, Omer Rains was forced to fight for his own life.  He rose to the occasion with his teeth clenched.

Not content to wait around for some ethereal jury to decide his fate, Rains made a conscious choice to, once again, defy impossible odds with the little he had left.

To the disbelief of medical professionals, colleagues and the public, Rains taught himself to again walk, play tennis, bike and ski after paralysis.

That, my friends, exemplifies the determined California Spirit.

Omer Rains’ new book, Back to the Summit: How One Man Defied Death & Paralysis to Again Lead a Full Life of Service to Others, is the legendary Californian’s own story of his amazing battle toward recovery as he forced the limits of human potential.

His autobiography is a roller-coaster through the pits and peaks of determination, pain, endurance and unprecedented victories from start to finish.  Rains’ candidness is shocking in a book that inspires all the way to the core.

Omer Rains’ mind-blowing recovery from the ultimate nightmare shaped his life and worldview more profoundly than anything that came before.

Today, at 70, Omer Rains leads a more fulfilling life than ever, liberating countless lives through his dedication to humanitarian activities around the world.

Building libraries, economic development projects and sustainability projects in several nations complements Rains’ service as Chairman ofRural Education and Development (READ) Global, which is partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Omer Rains was recently named the Cambridge International Professor of the Year for Community-Based Education and Outreach, in recognition of his tireless humanitarian efforts.

One brave dude with a California Dream faced the jaws of death and is now changing the world.  Without question, California Senator Omer Rains’ second act is nothing short of a shocking comeback.

In his autobiography, Back to the Summit, Rains reflects on a life that defines California as much as the man.  Readers will discover how intelligence can, in fact, transmute into full-blown wisdom through intense adversity.

The people, events, and history that shaped Rains’ life, gave him strength, forged his philosophy and ultimately defined his future, are spelled out in a mind-blowing book that demands repeated readings.

“When you get knocked down, pick yourself up and forge forward —always forward.” Senator Omer Rains defiantly declares.

Some of us, like the former legislator, realize that particular motivation so strongly that we hold it as our most valuable possession.

This blog has never done book reviews before, but Omer Rains’ story is so compelling that it simply must be known to every Californian and California Dreamer alike.

The fact that Sen. Rains bravely chose to tax his memory by writing and editing the book himself makes the few typos authentically endearing.

He is to be commended for tackling and completing what is a monumental task even for authors who have never known disability.

As the publisher of this blog, I have the honor of thanking Senator Omer Rains for representing me, my family and my community for many years in the California Senate.  His hard work as a public servant helped to turn Ventura County and Santa Barbara County into the world’s most desirable places to raise a family and enjoy life.

Omer Rains’ dramatic story certainly warrants some publicity.  However, it gives me great personal pride to cast an enthusiastic vote, one more time, for a genuine statesman and California hero who never gave up through the fires of hell.

If you recognize something of yourself or a loved one at this point, Back to the Summit is mandatory reading for you.  Indeed, this book is life-changing in a candid way, written in the author’s very unique style.

Watch the following video message from Sen. Omer Rains himself, then visit the official ‘Back to the Summit‘ book site to get your copies.



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