“Back to the Summit” illustrates how in America one can still overcome great obstacles given enough will power, determination, and tenacity. The way in which Omer Rains overcame a paralyzing near death experience is as inspirational as any story can be.”

John C. Malone
Chairman, Liberty Media
Chairman, Liberty Global Inc.
CEO, Discovery Holding Company
Former Pres. & CEO, Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI)


Omer Rains was a law student of mine many, many years back. Little did I know then the life challenges he had already overcome in order to even attend – much less excel – in college. It was a bit ironic when later, as Chancellor of the University of California (Berkeley) and in a classic reversal of roles, I would annually visit Omer in his capacity as a California State Senator on behalf of the University.  Omer’s story, told in “Back to the Summit,” is not just the inspirational story of how he survived a near fatal brain aneurysm, but of his humanitarian efforts to help others around the world to acquire literacy and, thus, education. This book truly speaks to a life well led.

Ira Michael Heyman
Emeritus Professor of Law, University of California (Berkeley)
Former Chancellor, University of California (Berkeley)
Former Secretary, Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.)   


Omer Rains was one of my prized patients. My specialty is in working with people who have suffered a stroke and/or a brain injury, as was the case with Omer. His book “Back to the Summit” chronicles how someone with sufficient inner-strength, determination and resolve can recover from a paralytic state to the point that today he leads more than a full and complete life, primarily in the service of others. I’m pleased to have been able to play a role in his recovery process. But the person who deserves most of the credit is Omer himself. “Back to the Summit” is an inspiring book about an inspiring person. If you’ve ever been faced with a physical challenge, read this book. It may help you find your own pathway to recovery.

Waleed Al-Oboudi, MOT, OTR/L
Internationally acclaimed in field of occupational therapy and rehabilitation
Occupational Therapy Professional of the Year
Originator of Neuro-Integrative Functional Rehabilitation and Habitation (NEURO-IFRAH)


“Back to the Summit” is a riveting read. How Omer Rains came back from a near death experience and dedicated his life to helping others undeniably has a powerful spiritual undertone. Raised in a spiritual setting in the 1940s, it is my belief that Omer’s early religious surroundings played a major role in his amazing recovery. As one of his doctors told him: “The only explanation for the recovery you’ve made is that The Creator is not finished with you yet.” That explanation resonates with me, and perhaps speaks in large measure to the way in which Omer today selflessly helps people in need here at home and in many other parts of the world.

Rev. Ernest Chu
Director, The Soul Currency Institute
Best Selling Author, “Soul Currency”


The recovery of Omer Rains from a near death experience, and the way in which it was accomplished by drawing on prior life experiences, is an amazing story. One of the very early environmental leaders in the U.S., today Omer takes his message throughout the world. I have had the pleasure of working with READ Global, of which Omer serves as Chairman of the International Board. That Omer can today do the work he does in multiple countries, often in challenging conditions, is a testament to his drive to help those less advantaged than those of us in the developed world. To read “Back to the Summit” is to be truly inspired.

Gunter Pauli
Founder, Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI)
Author of 16 books, including “The Blue Economy”


Omer Rains met my brother, Bill, in the Amazon over 25 years ago, and I have known him almost as long. Every step of Omer’s life has been a testament to his fortitude and to his determination to make a difference. We can all learn much from “Back to the Summit,” a book that tells the story of a man who thinks, breathes and lives life to the fullest. As an actor, writer and producer, I can attest that even here in Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, it would be difficult to write a more inspiring script. 

Deborah Raffin
Actress; Director; Publicist


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