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Thanks to Dad of Divas who posted a review of my book, Back to the Summit.  Dad of Divas blog chronicles ones fathers experiences and challenges as a father as well as providing food for thought to other dads.  His blog was started in 2008 and has been growing exponentially, so I appreciate him taking the time to review my book.

This was an inspirational story that brought to life the journey of one man back from the brink of disability. I had never heard of this person before, but the story was definitely one that was so open. The author shared so much about his life and if you are like me you will be amazed at not only his journey back, but also what he turns his life into and how he now serves others. The book makes you look at your own life to consider how you would react under the same set of circumstances. The book left me wondering what would be next for the author, I for one look forward to hearing more in the future!



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