The Importance of Living with a Meditative Attitude


Today, I came across an interesting article in The Times of India entitled “Live with a Meditative Attitude.”  An interesting thought proposed by this article is that:

All matter is energy, energy is consciousness, all force is consciousness. Strength comes when you are positive, when you feel healthy; when you are destructive you start feeling differently, you start feeling weak. When your thoughts are healthy, positive, you start feeling strong. When your thoughts are negative, you start feeling weak. When we are sincere, we feel strong; when we are not sincere, we feel weak.

During my recovery and throughout my life, a positive attitude in all things has been extremely important.  In fact, I believe that having this attitude is critical to one’s success in life—if you are busy worrying about what others think, you are not able to focus on yourself and your part in the world—and you will miss important opportunities.  During my recovery I was able to focus on every step, every breath that I took and appreciate that I was still part of this world and that the creator was not done with me yet.  So I wanted to take this opportunity to share this bit of inspiration.

The entire article can be found at:



Omer Rains, Author of “Back to the Summit, How One Man Defied Death and Paralysis to Again Lead a Full Life of Service to Others” www.backtothesummit.com


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  1. Lisa Rymer says:

    Beautiful article. Thanks for sharing!